Join Octofree to get a handy, printable chart of substitutions for common ingredients.
Join Octofree to get a handy, printable chart of substitutions for common ingredients.
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How to Enjoy Thanksgiving WITH Dietary Restrictions

I was just salivating thinking about the totally allergen-free feast I’m going to cook for Thanksgiving this year and realized I haven’t told you exactly what’s inside my new e-cookbook, An Octofree Thanksgiving, for sale now!

You’ll find:

  1. Top-9-Free Recipes for turkey, gravy, savory stuffed apples, mashed potatoes, stuffing, Brussels sprouts, applesauce, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, apple crisp, apple cider mimosas and mulled apple cider.
  2. Ingredients Substitution Chart
  3. Tips for Hosting
  4. Time-Savers
  5. Shopping List
  6. Timeline
  7. Printable BONUS: Food Allergy Dish Labels

Think about how much time you’ll save if you don’t have to google and try to modify recipes to fit your allergens, test specialty ingredients, write a shopping list and plan a timeline!

But don’t just take my word for it. Advanced copy reviews are in, and they’re glowing:

An Octofree Thanksgiving is an invaluable guide to hosting a beautiful holiday filled with all the nostalgic comfort foods I love, without any of the food triggers that typically leave me feeling deflated the next day. I was so excited to receive this special Thanksgiving edition as I have really come to trust and love the recipes from Octofree. I was even more delighted to find not just mouth-watering recipes, but a common ingredient substitution chart, a complete shopping list for all of the recipes as well as a full prep schedule that walks you through the planning. These tools have me feeling so inspired and confident as a novice host! I know I will be using this resource for years to come.”

Olivia C.

“Compassion and sincere care for those navigating food allergies around the holidays are in the details on every page of this guide, and they really show through the thorough substitution charts, thoughtful tips, and clever time-savers that leave more time for the good stuff: eating with your loved ones, of course! The shopping list alone is a reason to get your hands on this guide but the delicious, and otherwise hard-to-find, completely top-8-free recipes will have you on your way to establishing a happy, healthy and inclusive holiday tradition where all feel cared for and well fed!”

Natalie B.

“Liz has taken all of the guess work out of hosting a spectacular Thanksgiving celebration. An Octofree Thanksgiving is a complete guide to help even the novice chef plan a dinner that can be enjoyed by all friends and relatives, regardless of any allergies that they may have. Liz even provides a detailed shopping list to make sure there are no last-minute trips to the grocery store needed. And the Timeline makes sure that you will be serving dinner on time and not unexpectedly at 10pm. You can’t fail if you follow her tips and her easy directions. The resulting dishes look anything but easy.”

Cathy L.

“It can be intimidating to cook Thanksgiving especially to do so under different circumstances – with multiple food allergies. Several side dishes, and desserts – keeping everything hot at the same time. This is your resource for Thanksgiving newbies or seasoned professionals. Liz simply helps you make the holiday meal the best that it can be all while keeping your family’s traditional recipes on your Thanksgiving table!”

Dianne D.

“Thanksgiving is a lot of work already, so I love having everything at my fingertips without having to chase it all over the internet. The recipes are of course delicious, but having the shopping lists, substitutions, and all the other extras really takes this above and beyond.”

Emma R.

“I’m so excited to try these recipes this year. Not only are they easy to follow and sound delicious – but I love how Liz provides a timeline to keep your time spent in the kitchen preparing very organized. People that don’t have food allergies won’t even realize these dishes are Octofree! Thank you Liz – this will make my life easier – no more making three different kinds of stuffing for my Thanksgiving crowd this year!”

Jess D.

“There are so many things I love, love, love about this cookbook! It is so approachable and organized and the recipes are mouth-watering – like literally my stomach started growling as I was reading it – and it got me so excited for the big day! The Tips for Hosting, Shopping List, and Timeline are incredibly helpful. Someone brand-new to cooking could follow these recipes because of the level of detail, which is so gracious! Overall it is obvious that Liz put her total heart in to this and cares so much about helping people to enjoy preparing great food! Thanksgiving meal preparation can be daunting and, with this cookbook, even if I did not have food sensitivities, I would feel I was in such good shape to host the perfect celebration!!”

Joy S.

“I LOVE that this cookbook includes basic recipe swaps on the first page. I definitely tend to reference my family’s recipes around the holidays and having this handy will make keeping our traditions allergy-friendly a breeze! We have a bunch of food allergies to consider when cooking for extended family during the holiday season! Eggs are a big one on both sides of our family. I love the food labels here – I’m stealing these for any and all get-togethers!”

Kim S.

Click here to buy now.

P.S. Through midnight on Nov. 7, An Octofree Thanksgiving is $15, which is 25% off of the regular price of $20. The discount is automatically applied in the shop, so take advantage of the savings while you can (and put that $5 you saved toward a specialty ingredient or coffee / drink with a friend!)

I’m thankful for YOU!

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Join Octofree to get a handy, printable chart of Octofree substitutions for common ingredients.

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Join Octofree to get a handy, printable chart of Octofree substitutions for common ingredients.